The IPS PWD system was designed to provide critical information in real time in where drilling environments are difficult and where there is a very narrow margin between pore and fracture pressure of the formation. The system allows for rapid and safe decision making. The information can be graphed and compares in time and depth curves in order to analyze the parameters while drilling.

Our PWD can be set up with our MWD and LWD tools and it provides pressure and equivalent circulating density data which is useful to have a better understanding of the fluid parameters and make appropriate decisions to clean the hole.

The IPS MWD system can be retrieved. In an event of stuck pipe, the probe can be recovered to reduce the impact of the loss. This feature also allows changing the battery if necessary.

This system operates on standard non-magnetic drill collars. It can be repaired in one day which allows for a rapid response in the case of a failure event.

This system provides the values of annular pressure, inner pressure, and downhole temperature. This information is useful to monitor cleanliness of the hole in order to assure solids disposal to the surface. It is also helpful to detect a loss circulation zone.

Downlink capacity is used to choose the optimal transmission sequence corresponding to the application.
The effortless programming system allows the operator to program the data sequence and resolution.

It reduces risks of packing due to lack of cleanliness of the hole and it allows monitoring and following the operational parameters that need to be used to avoid fractures zones (pore gradient / fracture gradient)

The surface system is operated under simple Windows decoding software and it is easy to program in order to provide the information faster.

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