The IPS MWD system can be set up on 3 ½” to 9 ½” drill collars with flow rate ranges of 75 to 1200 gpm. This system has worked under high temperature and high pressure conditions with successful results. It is compatible with our LWD and PWD systems which allow us to offer a better coverage of important parameters while drilling.

Our MWD is retrievable and it can be readjusted, this feature minimized nonproductive times at the rigsite and the risk of high costs for lost in hole. It is a modular system which makes it easy to move and assembled at the site.

We provide our experience for operations, repairs and maintenance with the purpose to meet customer requirements.

The IPS MWD system can be retrieved. In an event of stuck pipe, the probe can be recovered to reduce the impact of the loss. This feature also allows changing the battery if necessary.

This system operates on standard non-magnetic drill collars. The pulse generator or pulser can be repaired in one day which allows for a rapid response in the case of a failure event. The system is equipped with a long lasting battery due to the intelligent energy management hardware.

Its modular configuration allows for alternative sensor positioning. The modules are interchangeable for each collar size. The modules are short and light which makes them easier to transport and maintain.

Downlink capacity is used to choose the optimal transmission sequence corresponding to the application.
The effortless programming system allows the operator to program the data sequence and resolution.

It has a retrievable and non-retrievable option. The pulser can be solenoid or motor powered depending on the application.

The surface system is operated under a simple Windows decoding software and it is easy to program in order to provide the information faster.

The IPS MWD system is known as the best choice for extremely hot wells and it can operate in temperatures up to 185°C (static)

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