Drilling Bits

Drilling Bits

IPS uses high-tech drill bits. We have reached drilling records in various fields.

We have the infrastructure and specialized personnel to carry out the maintenance and repair of our own bits. This allows us to assure the quality and conformance of the bit.

Our cutters are selected accordingly to the formation to be drilled. We have premium cutters for applications in compressive formations. We use software to simulate the formation and run an analysis for Unconfined Compressibility Strength (UCS) based on the correlation wells log data. With this we can choose the adequate bit for the formation depending on its compressibility.

Download the catolog here


We have wide experience using steel and matrix bits in diameters from 4 1/8” to 26”


We use and provide high resistance tricone bits with steel and tungsten carbide insert teeth

Bicenter Bits

Our bicenter bits goes from (pass through diameter) 5 5/8” to 12 ¼” and they can be steel or matrix.

Excentric Reamers

They are built from the patented technology of the bicenter bits, designed for stability and as a two stages drill bit which allows the engineer to choose the most appropriate pilot bit for the specific formation.

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